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A day in the life…

I was recently asked to describe a typical day for myself.

That’s pretty hard, to be honest as I don’t really have a typical day, I don’t think that any one in the RAF – or indeed the Armed Forces – has such a thing.  No two days are the same, things change and everything is different.  Certainly, if you want a steady job, doing the same thing day in-day out then the Armed Forces certainly isn’t for you.

I can get up to lots of different things during a typical day – from the boredom of trawling through emails, to doing some research for the next Continuous Improvement Event I will be running.  I could be busy in meetings or I could be giving a presentation to new arrivals on station.  I could even be delivering some personal development training to station personnel. 

I might be actually running a CI Event – where I am leading a group of up to 20 people looking at the processes they have in their workplaces and looking to solve any problems they have, or develop plans to solve future problems.

If it’s an exciting day I could be over with the RAF Regiment doing some Force Protection training – firing rifles or first aid training.  I might be visiting sections to see how they work – and getting to try out some of the things they do.

I could be sitting in the mess for lunch, and reading the papers and having a coffee after it.

I might be busy sorting out some paperwork for the station ideas and suggestions scheme that I assist in administering.  I could be sorting out the affairs of the people who live in the block I look after – from making sure that any outstanding maintenance jobs are chased up to sorting out who is moving in or out of the block or even dealing with their personal problems.

I could be down the gym, spending time on the running machine or bike. I could be having my fitness test, or I could be having a game of badminton or squash. I might even be in the weights room.

I could be doing some personal training of my own – from IT based courses through to a PRINCE 2 project management course.

I might be spending time briefing the boss on what we have been doing or writing a report for the Central RAF CI Team. I might even be just surfing the net for a while, whilst having a cup of tea. Occasionally I might have a biscuit.

But my point is that what I do depends on what I have to do.  And like I said there is no typical day. And that’s what makes the RAF such a great job for me.  I never know what the day may bring until it is underway…it certainly stops me getting bored with the job, and keeps me on my toes.


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