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The SECOND @RAFairman competition…

As my Twitter followers will know I have been doing a clear out of my cupboards in my room in the Mess. (This is because I am going to be moving out of the Mess in the near future. Don’t worry, I’m not posted or going out of area, just moving where I’m going to be living here at Benson!)

As part of this I have been doing a couple of little give-aways over on Twitter. But the next thing is a bit too…good for a quick give-away.

Anyway. I recently got a copy of the classic 1969 film “The Battle of Britain” on Blu-ray.
This means that my old copy of the film, on DVD, is surplus to my requirements now.

So, the next prize in the @RAFairman competition is going to be my copy of the Region 2 “Definitive Edition” of The Battle of Britain, on DVD.
The competition will run until Noon, on Friday 12 Jan 2010. 

To enter you need to email me at RAFairman@live.co.uk (with “@RAFairman Competition” in the subject line) and in the body of the email, the answer to the following question:

“Who was the Head of Number 11 Group, RAF, (the group that faced the brunt of the Luftwaffe attacks) during the Battle of Britain?”
(If you don’t know, there is a great mini-site with loads of information over at the RAF Official Website – here)
Competition Rules!:
Be quick with your answers as the competition closes at 12 noon, Friday 8th Jan 2010. Emails received AFTER this time will not be entered into the draw.

You need to include the title “@RAFairman Competiton” in the subject line of the email, and your full name in the main body of the message, along with the answer.

The winner will be pulled at random from an RAF Beret on Friday evening. The Winners name will be posted on this blog and on Twitter shortly after.
Only one entry per email account is allowed. No correspondance will be entered into.
If you are lucky enough to be under 18 then you must have your parent/guardians permission to enter.
The Winner will win the a single copy of the Region 2 DVD of “the Battle of Britain”.
The winner will also be notified by email as a reply to the competition entry email. No other accounts will be used.
Sorry, entry is limited to UK (and BFPO) residents only.

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