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The Second @RAFairman Competition Winner…


Rob Sharp, who’s picture (from Twitter) can be seen here.

He wins the “Definitive Edition” Two disc set DVD of the 1969 epic film, “The Battle of Britain”.

Congratulations Rob.  If you don’t follow him on Twitter – you should!

 (NB – the prize was drawn by my girlfriend at random (from her Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps beret!)

I understand that Rob is still at college, but has passed his Officer and Airmans Selection Course for entry into the Royal Air Force, and he intends to go on to be an Communications/Informations Systems Officer.

Good luck for the future, Rob! And congratulations on winning the competition.


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One thought on “The Second @RAFairman Competition Winner…

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Congrats Rob,A little bit of trivia that connects you with the BoB film you have won. During the making of the film, the filmakers commissioned models (not full size) to be made for the Airfield Luffewaffe bombing scenes (filmed from a distance they looked just the same). At RAF Benson where RAFairman is serving is a real full size Spitfire gate guardian at the Station entrance. The Spitfire gate guardian at OASC RAF Cranwell is a 3/4 size model provided by the film makers of the Bob Film.The reason this was done, was that some years after WW2 a supply of spitfire engines not previously known about was found in store, and existing Spitfire airframes were used along with these to get more of them flying for memorial purposes. So the next time you go to OASC Cranwell you can point at the Spitfire and say, that's a model and I've won the Film it came from!

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