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The idea of this account (linked to the Twitter) is to give people an idea of life in the Royal Air Force.

Today I had another example that it is not always a good deal to be in the Armed Forces.

I have been remiss you see. I have three children – two from my previous marriage, Sam and Charlotte, and my youngest, Lily. I have actually been irresponsible in that I haven’t had life insurance.

This was inexcusable of me. So I decided to recify that today.  And I plugged my details into the standard life insurance websites – and get nice numbers out – £16 to £25 for £250,000 worth of cover. Including Critical Illness cover.


And then I phone them up.

Oh you are in the Armed Forces. Ahhhhhh…Well we don’t insure “your type”. (Yes one company actually said that!) We, might insure you, but you will need to phone our specialist department. One company was quite rude (They are a well known company that USED to be based in Norwich with a Union. And now sound like an old Vauxhall Car), who transferred my to a nice lady who asked me if I was “an Army man” (Sigh).

Anyway this nice lady took my details, and gave me a quote. For Life Insurance AND Critical Illness Cover.

Wait for it…£79.80. Bargain. For a year. Ahhhhhhhh, no. It was a month.

Which I considered to be a bit steep. Just a little.

So we had a discussion (once I got my voice back) and said how much would it be for the duration of the remainder of my service – 7 years – for £250,000, WITHOUT the critical illness cover.

A much nicer £18.48 a month. Which I have gone for. The bonus is that this policy will cover me incase I get sent out to Afghan – even this company said that they wouldn’t cover me if I was already under orders to go out.

So as of today, should the worst happen, at least my girlfriend and the kids will be slightly more secure financially then they were before.

But it made me think. It makes me think. Sometimes, when it comes to members of the Armed Forces, it’s not only the Taliban that are making a killing.


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