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Today I received my DWR paperwork for going OOA.

For the uninitiated the TLA’s above (Three Letter Abbreviations) stand for Deployment Warning Roll and Out Of Area.  (The military LOVES TLA’s by the way.)

So, I have got my paperwork, and I have two weeks to return it back to the Admin office.  And it’s made things just another little bit more real.

I have to go to see the Medics and the Dentist to check that I am medically and dentally fit to go out there, or at least if I am not right now, then I will have time to get things sorted for it. I also need to get my ID discs sorted, and my driving license details correctly recorded.  Oh and a trip to Clothing Stores to get a preliminary order in for another set of uniform to go OOA in.

And then there was a little form at the back of it that talked about Insurance. And having a Will.

I already have Insurance, but, and I know this is bad of me…my Will is very out of date. I was meant to change it and sort it out after my divorce, but I never got round to it…so THAT is something that I will be focusing my attention on over the next month or so.  It certainly needs to be sorted before I go away.

The thing is, all this stuff that just brings it home to me just a little bit more about what I am going to be doing and were I am going to be doing it.  In a dangerous place. I’d love to know a bit more about exactly what I am going to be doing – I still don’t, and it’s frustrating me a little.

But the biggest frustration is that the deployment is still 10 months away, with the training being 6 months away.

And that’s a long time. To be honest I just want it to be now. The long time between being told about going and actually going is like a time of limbo.  I don’t feel like I can make any real plans; everything feels so uncertain.  It feels unfair to my family – my girlfriend and the big kids – that my conversations are often orientated around the deployment, almost like I am rubbing it in about it. It’s an exciting time, with this major – potentially life-changing event coming up. As with all exciting things we want to talk about them (hell – that’s the point of this blog in a way!), but I don’t want it to be all consuming.

 It’s not fair to be going on about it all the time – it’s like it’s taking over too much sometimes – and it’s still a long way away…I don’t want to wish time away, but I do sort of wish it was now 6 months time and I am on the training course with everything being focused towards the deployment…but then that’d probably be worse for my family. It seems that my training will mean I will be away a fair be from home – so that will be another sort of limbo – a deployment before the deployment.  And the trip away WILL have become the center of my universe. Everything will rotate around it.

So, I actually want the deployment to be tomorrow. I want all the forms to be completed. I want the training to be over and I want to be on the aircraft heading out to Afghan. And I want this limbo of waiting to be over. Because as soon as this waiting is over it means the actual thing will be underway – and then the count down will be to the very best thing. Coming home.


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One thought on “Paperwork…

  1. Jaci on said:

    I have to say that I sort of understand. A lot of my friends, and an ex, are Forces. One in particular is currently not operationally fit and he is devastated at the fact that he CAN’T go to Afghanistan with his Company. All my friends that are Forces were excited to go out, but they also had a degree of intrepidation about what they were going out to and the worse case scenario.

    It’s normal to feel the way you do in my experience. I support all my friends because it’s what they have trained for and what they love to do. Anyone who loves you will understand and support you and if they are going to get upset, they will do it once you have gone OOA (hopefully).


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