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Guest Blog Day 6 – Student with a difference…

Today’s Guest Blog Post is again on the lighter side, and comes from a student, but a student with a difference, who today celebrates something a bit special.  It comes from Rob Sharp and so over to him…

As you may or may have not noticed, this isn’t RAFAirman writing this blog posting. Now I’m not quite sure why he’s making me write one, probably because he cannot be bothered (honestly, you can’t get the NCOs nowadays :P) but thats not too much of an issue.

My name is Rob, I’m a Student at Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College (DSFC). Basically we’re a bespoke college run by the Ministry of Defence for Potential Engineering Officers in all arms of the Armed Forces, and the Civil Service.  As it stands I have two more days of being in this college, then I graduate and move on to University. You may have seen me on the ITV Central news last Friday. I was the guy walking around with the stick. Thats me. However, now I’m famous, there is no need to bow, courtesy, or go out of your way…

So what’s so good about life at Welbeck?  The seasoned Welbexian (what we call ourselves) would define life at Welbeck as being restrictive, yet fruitious. Allow me to explain; we operate a “work hard, play hard” ethic. We get up at 0630, and start lessons at 0830. We work 6 days a week and we do sports twice a week. We have to pass fitness tests, drill tests, weapons tests, and along with all this, we have to pass A Levels. It’s a hard life, but a fun one.

You make so many friends, and the inter-service banter is fantastic!

First year at Welbeck, we did 2 Military Exercises, where we learnt Section/Platoon attacks, FIBUA/OPBUA, Survival Techniques, and Fieldcraft. We’ve done a Leadership Cadre, where we discovered the delights of Adair’s Principles, and also the delights of a Foot Guards Drill Instructor. We also did a weeks Hill Walking in Snowdonia. Apart from being swarmed by Mosquitoes, it was a fairly enjoyable week, with some fantastic views. Oh, and we did AS Levels too, but that wasn’t as interesting as the Military Stuff.

Second year here we did one Weekend Exercise with the Royal Marines, which was amazing. I mean that. Like, the most awesome thing I’ve done. EVER! Also this year, I’ve been the College Drill Instructor so I’ve been proactively involved in the running of the college. Its a lot more academically focused in your second year, and I’ve performed, in my opinion, rather well.

In two days time (ten at time of writing) I will have left the college after passing off (and hopefully passing OUT at the celebrations afterwards) and I will be an Officer Cadet in the Royal Air Force.  Pretty nifty eh?

So. AGI Day. I’m in the colour party, which is an honour for our College, we fix bayonets and wear sashes. We also have a little tradition of Port before parade, and Champagne afterwards, to celebrate the safe return of the colours. Even although they move say 100 metres from the Armoury. Meh, I’m not complaining!

I’m going to bring this one to a bit of a close, because I have to go and make sure the masses are in their rooms, and that they’re tidy. But, to quote the film “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”

“Its been emotional.”

If you want to find out more about Welbeck – have a look at the following Website:  http://www.welbeck.mod.uk/ 

Don’t forget to check back for the final guest post tomorrow.


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One thought on “Guest Blog Day 6 – Student with a difference…

  1. Really enjoyed this – think it’s important to see that behind the uniforms are real, vibrant human beings.

    Hope the passing out (I mean, off!!) went at least as well as expectations… D

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