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Here’s one I made earlier…

To celebrate sliding past 100 Blog posts on here, I thought I would do a bit of a ‘retrospective’ of older blog posts that you may have missed because they are hidden away in the archive…so I have asked people on Twitter what their favourites are, and I have had a think about my own and here, in order from 10 down to 1 are their/my favourite older blog posts – with a taster of each, to whet you whistle and kame you dive in and have a read.

And if YOUR favourite isn’t on the list then you can always tell everyone by putting a comment at the end of this post and I’ll make sure people can find it by adding a hyperlink.


10 – Modesty

This is a fave of mine about one of my heroes. Almost unknown outside the RAF, he is the very definition of a hero to me…

It’s a funny thing modesty isn’t it?

My ‘Big Boy’s Book of Big Words’ defines it as “not overrating one’s own merit; unassuming”.

And if ever there was a hero of mine that deserves the word modest being applied to them, then it is this man…

9 – ALWAYS check your kit…

Ohhh it was so funny at the time. For us. Not for the star of this story…but it’s a story I had to tell…

Stevie did the only thing he could do. Panic. Various people tried to calm him down – all to no avail . To be honest there would be little that would have calmed me down…He was guided towards the shelter were he could sit down under cover and wait for the all clear. But as he sat down his panic built…and then he had an idea.

8 – Get your hands out of your pockets…please…

Here’s one about me being very, very brave. Or very, very stupid…

They (the trainees) would try to avoid getting caught for not polishing shoes – and I would try and make it a bit of a laugh if I did catch a course doing something it wasn’t supposed too…say one of the course wasn’t dressed the same as the rest (a heinous crime, I know) I’d stop the course and do the lines from Sesame Street “One of these Trainees is not dressed like the others…” Or else I would give some friendly encouragement to make them march smarter from the side of the street.

7 – To kill for…

This is an old post from way before I knew I was going to Afghan next year. It makes interesting reading, looking at it again, a few months after it was originally posted…

Of the several comments that Tweet got a couple were along the lines of “you are in the armed forces – I thought that you were trained to kill?”

Hmmmmmm. Indeed.

This IS a good point. I am trained to kill.

6 – He’s my hero

Not one of mine, but one of the best guest blog posts I had the honour and priviledge to post on here…

My Grandfather came to live with us when my Grandmother became very ill and arthritic. They moved together, but tragically she did not see out her first year back in the United Kingdom, the first indeed since her husband had retired from the RAF.

5 – When I knew

I know, I get a bit wordy and prosaic sometimes, I can’t stop myself. But I really like this post…sorry…

And that was when I knew. That was when I thought it couldn’t get any better. This is how and why I want to earn my living for as long as I can. Every so often an F3 would start up and taxi and take off and still the Spitfire flew. Old and new on the same airbase. 50 years separating them but flying still. And me there too.

4 – A fai…plumbers story

This same lad crops up a couple of times in my posts and stories…bless him…lovely chap. Think as mince…

Once upon a time, there was an Armourer. Now as you may know, Armourers have a reputation for not being the sharpest pencil in the box, simply because their job involves putting bombs on aircraft. Now this, dear children is very unfair as they also deal with ejector seats and aircraft defence aids like chaff and flare pods, but sometimes you get one or two that live up to that reputation.

3 – It’s a cold,cold, cold war

And the same chap as above tries to make a cup of tea…

Also in the pack-up were some sachets of coffee, a couple of tea bags and a little ‘comfort’ bag containing a packet of tissues, a plastic knife and fork – the sort of pack you might get onboard a plane when you were eating airline food. And in that pack would also be a little sachet, about 2inches by 1inch, with a picture of a lemon on it and one word – “Refreshing” written below it. Clearly a wet-wipe. Clearly.

2 – Getting the goat

One of my favourite detachments produced one of my favourite stories…

After having a few beers in the tent, we hit the town and, again in the spirt of international union and friendship several groups of different nations decended on a bar in the middle of town.  Songs were sung. Beer was drank. Friendships were made.

1 – Learning to fly

I recently wrote about having a flight in a Puma Helicopter…but this is the story of my first trip in an RAF aircraft. In a Tornado F3 two-seat fast-jet fighter…

But this lasted longer. The click, click, click, click in my head got worse as we taxied down the road towards the end of the runway…all the time Lee in the front seat was doing his pre-flight checks and talking to the Air Traffic Control Tower, and my nerves were getting worse…and then we made the last turn onto the end of the runway.


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  1. Hey Guys,

    Great Blogs! could you give a shout out to Forces First, there a great upcoming insurance company that’s dedicated to the armed forces and also donate £5 to Walking With The Wounded for every policy bought.



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