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The Lightning Bolt…

I was watching a really awful film the earlier – Year One with Jack Black, and there was a scene about them going to Sodom….and it reminded me of something…

NO. Not that.

It reminded me of going to Vegas, a few years ago on deployment. You see not ALL service deployments are to hot and sandy places. Oh, well, OK Las Vegas is hot and sandy, but you see what I mean. Not all RAF deployments are to places where you get shot at and it’s really dangerous…ok, ok, in Vegas…

I was working as part of a Trials and Development Team on an electronic warfare piece of equipment that was designed to do something clever with enemy radar emissions and help to protect the aircraft it was fitted to from getting shot down by missiles. It was a great job, requiring me to learn many skills that were outside my normal trade boundaries…I was doing the work of armourers – connecting up explosives, survival equipment fitters, packing parachutes, airframes techies, putting rivets in…all sorts of stuff…but it was a great job in that our team of twelve also had to go away on some fantastic deployments. Florida, Canada, Vegas. For six weeks.

It can be a hard life. Actually, anyone who has been in Vegas for longer than a week will know it can get a bit, well, samey…indeed after five weeks of it all we were more than ready to get home!

But early in the deployment four of us got a taxi to the Rio Casino…with a view of taking in the famous Voodoo Lounge, a bar high in the tower of the casino with a large balcony where you can sit and watch the sun set behind the mountains and watch the lights of the Las Vegas strip come on. But to get to the Voodoo Lounge you had to enter the casino through the gambling area…

We walked in and found ourselves on a mezzanine floor overlooking the gambling area. Which was huge, stretching far from left to right of where we were.  It was heaving with people all gambling or else watching the gambling…table after table of people betting, winning, but mostly losing…and moving from table to table were cocktail waitresses, wearing, well, not a lot.  They had some sort of high leg cut unitard type body-suit, which was very revealing and whilst it was high cut at the bottom of the suit…it was low-cut at the top, revealing a lot of flesh…but there was a little bustle flowing behind.  The effect was to make them look like dancer in a Rio carnival – which I guess was the whole point.

They moved about carrying drinks from the bar to tables, alcohol and the illusion of sex…Oh…and then more of it was revealed when we looked up as above us was a track hanging from the room…and on this track were cages hanging…with more scantily dressed dancers writhing about.

Over all it was like a scene from some biblical movie…just before God decided to take his revenge…

In fact, I stood there, along with the other three of my colleagues mouth agape. It was a wondrous sight, something of the like we’d never seen before. Music blast about and the ching, ching, ching of the slot machines added to the cacophony.  It was really a vision of what hell might be like. It was Sodom. It was Gomorrah. It was everything that was prescribed and outlawed in the bible all wrapped up into one room. It was sex, and gambling and booze and….well…it was everything that made one doubt his morals.

And I stood there.

“You know guys. This is it. This is where it’s going to happen.” I said.

“What? What is going to happen?” Asked one of my mates.

“Here. With all this in one place. It’s where God will wreak his vengeance and smite. Or smote. Or whatever. But it’s going to be here.”

“You think?”

“Yep. The lightning bolt. From God. This is where the lightning bolt from God is going to hit.”

“Oh.” He said. “Oh well. It’d be a shame to miss it then. Come on. Let’s get stuck in…”


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One thought on “The Lightning Bolt…

  1. michelle on said:

    Loved this story! I met my RAF husband in Vegas. We had both been there a number of times and before we met we also had the same view of Vegas, but now we love the place x x

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