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What Are You Good For…

Ok, just a quick blog post.  But as you may know I have started my training proper to go off to Afghan. I am working with a few others who will be going out at the same time as me, to do a similar job as me to get the annual tick in the box regarding our military skills.

Now I recently did the RAF’s equivalent course – which lasted a day – but the Army version lasts a week.  And now I am three days into it, and chatted to the other people on the team I have realised I seem to have absolutely no skills whatsoever.

Now I am sure this isn’t true…it’s just the product of a day where I knew I wouldn’t enjoy the end of it. We were doing Navigation skills – and I know I am rubbish at map reading and bearings and mag to grid and all that sort of stuff. But it made me wonder…

What am I going to bring to this party? Am I going to be of any use? Or am I going to be a pain in the arse that just drags people down? Will I, in the end, be a liability out there, or will I be of some use…?

I just don’t know…

But I guess it’s just fear of the unknown. I am sure there is going to be something that I am good at or something that I will be able to bring from my career or….something that I can lead with…but I right now I am buggered to think as to what that might be.

Edit and PS. I am off out to Afghan in March and I’ll be spending the next four months with the Army learning the job I will be doing out there.


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2 thoughts on “What Are You Good For…

  1. You will be fine once you get out there, what with all your training. This is just one day and it will pass.

  2. Alistair Rae on said:

    Senior NCOs and Mid seniority officers are in a similar boat here, most of our specific skills aren’t what we’re being deployed for, it’s the generic capabilities that we bring.

    That’s particularly relevant in MSSG where it’s your negotiation skills, interpersonal skills, project management and facilitation that are needed. Yes you’re being trained to Cat 3, so that you can hold your own when it hits the fan. But you’re the reason that the patrol is out.

    The bergen full of money is what delivers the military effect.

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