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I saw a bit of graffiti today and it reminded me of a short story I wanted to share…

Back when I was in the Electronic Warfare Trials and Development team there were a set of toilets down the corridor that were quite often plastered with graffiti, most of it from the very junior ranks denigrating the bosses, and quite often when one of them screwed up in some way, his punishment would be to give the walls a quick coat of whitewash to clear the walls, and a notice would go up, often along the lines of ‘No Graffiti’.

Indeed one such occasion had happened and the walls had been decorated by one particular lad who’d left a window open when locking the building up one evening.

He had finished the job by putting up, inside one of the ‘traps’ a sign saying “Do NOT write on this wall.” And of course, it led to the very, very best and funniest bit of graffiti I’ve ever seen appeared at the bottom of the notice saying:

“Because maybe
It’s gonna be the wall that saves me ?
And after all
It’s my Wonderwall”

Genius. Some people are just genius.



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