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Merry Christmas from RAFairman…

Once again it is Christmas time.  Another year older, another year wiser.

I’d like to send a very Merry Christmas wish to everyone who reads this.  I’d like for you to have a relaxing holiday season, enjoying all the benefits of friends, family and comfort.  I wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year for 2011.  May your new year be filled with fun, laughter and happiness.

But there are others of course who won’t be able to do that. There are those who are currently serving out in Afghanistan (and other places around the world) who won’t be with their families and I’d like to send a very special mention to Mark (my Nieces husband – in the RAF) and Emma (a good friend who’s a psychiatric nurse in the Army) who are in Afghanistan right now. I hope you have as good a time as you can out there, and I hope you both stay very safe, not just over Christmas, but throughout your tours.  To the families of all those deployed, Merry Christmas too.

And then of course there are those whose Christmas this year will not be like any other.  I would like to send a very special Christmas wish to all those families whose Husband, Father, Brother, Son, Nephew and Grandson who paid the ultimate price for their service this year.

Sadly, 102 members of the Armed Forces died as a result of operations out in Afghanistan in 2010.  Those 102 are:

Private John Howard
Guardsman Christopher Davies
Ranger Aaron McCormick
Senior Aircraftman Scott Hughes
Sapper William Blanchard
Acting Corporal David Barnsdale
Sergeant Privater Rayner
Rifleman Suraj Gurung
Corporal Matthew Thomas
Sergeant Andrew Jones
Trooper Andrew Howarth
Kingsman Darren Deady
Captain Andrew Griffiths
Lance Corporal Joseph Pool
Lance Corporal Jordan Bancroft
Sapper Ishwor Gurung
Sapper Darren Foster
Rifleman Remand Kulung
Lieutenant John Sanderson
Lance Sergeant Dale McCallum
Marine Adam Brown
Sapper Mark Smith
Lance Corporal Stephen Monkhouse
Corporal Matthew Stenton
Sergeant David Monkhouse
Staff Sergeant Brett Linley
Senior Aircraftman Kinikki Griffiths
Marine Jonathan Crookes
Marine Matthew Harrison
Corporal Arjun Pun
Major James Bowman
Lieutenant Neal Turkington
Marine David Hart
Bombardier Samuwl Robinson
Private Thomas Sephton
Trooper James Leverett
Corporal Seth Smith
Corporal Jamie Kirkpatrick
Bombardier Stephen Gilbert
Colour Sergeant Martyn Horton
Lance Corporal David Ramsdon
Private Douglas Halliday
Private Alex Isaac
Sergeant Steven Darbyshire
Lance Corporal Michael Taylor
Marine Paul Warren
Marine Richard Hollington
Trooper David Smith
Corporal Taniela Rogoiruwai
Kingsman Ponipate Tagitaginimoce
Marine Steven Birdsall
Lance Corporal Andrew Breeze
Private Jonathan Monk
Lance Bombardier Mark Chandler
Lance Corporal Alan Cochran
Corporal Terry Webster
Marine Anthony Hotine
Marine Scott Taylor
Corporal Stephen Curley
Gunner Zak Cusack
Corporal Stephen Walker
Corporal Christopher Harrison
Sapper Daryn Roy
Lance Corporal Barry Buxton
Corporal Harvey Holmes
Fusilier Jonathan Burgess
Rifleman Mark Turner
Guardsman Michael Sweeney
Rifleman Daniel Holkham
Lance Corporal of Horse Jonathan Woodgate
Serjeant Steven Campbell
Private James Grigg
Lance Corporal Scott Hardy
Captain Martin Driver
Corporal Stephen Thompson
Lance Corporal Tom Keogh
Rifleman Liam Maughan
Rifleman Jonathon Allott
Corporal Richard Green
Rifleman Carlo Apolis
Sergeant Paul Fox
Rifleman Martin Kinggett
Senior Aircraftman Luke Southgate
Lance Sergeant David Walker
Lieutenant Douglas Dalzell
Sapper Guy Mellors
Kingsman Sean Dawson
Rifleman Mark Marshall
Lance Sergeant Dave Greenhalgh
Lance Corporal Darren Hicks
Warrant Officer Class2 David Markland
Corporal John Moore
Private Sean McDonald
Lance Corporal Graham Shaw
Corporal Liam Riley
Lance Corporal Daniel Cooper
Rifleman Peter Aldridge
Corporal Lee Brownson
Rifleman Luke Farmer
Captain Daniel Read
Private Robert Hayes

Rest in peace each one of you.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.


(Edit. In the time it took to write and post this article, the death of a 103rd Serviceman – a member of the Royal Signals – was announced. RIP.)


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12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from RAFairman…

  1. Lovely post, I am sad that you had so many names to list. I wish you health, hope and happiness…

    Lesley xxx

  2. valerie gale on said:

    merry xmas boys,and hope its a safer new year for you all,that your home safe in the arms of your loved ones.thinking of you all take carexxxxxx

  3. It was very humbling to read your list. I would like to add my good wishes and maybe you will all be home for next Christmas.

  4. Sarah Berger on said:

    May I wish you a safe and Happy Xmas, and to all of our men serving overseas, thank you and stay safe. Let us all hope that next year is a better one.

  5. The list never gets shorter. Wishing you all a very merry & safe Christmas to all those serving in the armed forces, & to you RAF airman a very safe 2011.

  6. manderson on said:

    Merry Christmas to all of you. Keep your noses clean.

  7. Christine Ross on said:

    It is a humbling experience reading the names of those who lost their lives in Afghanistan this year. Hopefully no more names will be added to that list!May I wish a safe and Happy Christmasto all of our men and women serving overseas, thank you and stay safe.

  8. Thinking of you All where ever you may be .Keep safe. Also thinking of everyone thats lost a loved one, especially at this time of year.

  9. Mike Cox on said:

    rest in peace to all of our armed servicemen and women whom we have lost in this conflict.

  10. louise wright on said:

    Thank you for making our world a better place and my thoughts are with those who have sadly lost their lives in doing so.

    Merry Christamas to all the Service Men and Women all over the world, and may yours be a peaceful one.

    Lots of Love always, Louise xxxx

  11. Bill Cooper on said:

    Top Post.

    Happy Christmas and stay safe in 2011

  12. Have a wonderful Christmas all you guys and take care. Luv. Xox Jane

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