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Exercise 1

Ok, hopefully, given the right enough spare time I’ll be doing a few mini-blogs over the weekend, letting you know what we are doing here on exercise as part of our training to deploy to Afghan.

So far today we’ve arrived ‘in theatre’ (for that read a military training area near to Basingstoke) and set up our Operating Base. We are lucky to have power (a few electrical sockets), lights (a strip light in this big room) and most importantly a solid roof over our heads.

Unlike Monday when we were out in the field and sleeping under a bivvie in a wet field, we are in a disused building whose function in a previous life is a bit of an enigma to me.

Anyway, each team has a command tent, kitted out with all we need to develop a ‘picture’ of the local village we are here to help, and dotted around the tent are our cot-beds, which adds to the relative luxury, compared to last Monday night.

And as soon as each team’s HQ went up we were straight into the action. Already our team has conducted a Shura (a meeting with locals), and mounted a training patrol to the local village to provide Force Protection for another team member who needed to talk to the local elders.

And even though we are only in Hampshire. Even though it’s bloody freezing. Even though we are only playing…wearing all the kit we’ll be wearing in theatre and talking to actual Afghans makes it as real as we can here…

(As I said I hope to be doing a few more mini-blogs over the weekend…keep checking back!)


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One thought on “Exercise 1

  1. Bill Cooper on said:

    Enjoy yourself. If you are where I think you are, don’t dig
    down too far unless you have EOD with you!

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