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Exercise 9

That’s Endex! It’s all over.

And what have I learnt. My Pebble charger is good if you leave it to charge the iPhone without messing with it. My JetBoil is superb and once again I packed too many clothes.

But it’s not really been about that sort of thing. Yes there are learning points like that, but the real learning point for me is that I still need to get my head about what exactly I will be doing out there. Get a gen-book together with some information and ideas in, and work out a couple of flow chart strategies for how to tackle a couple of common things we’ll see out there…

But in the short term, the very short term I am going to help get the kit sorted. Get a shower. Go home. And have a beer…


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2 thoughts on “Exercise 9

  1. What’s a JetBoil? Seems like you would need a MASSIVE pot to do that.

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