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Packing, Packing, Packed…

I know I said I wouldn’t blog again until I get to Afghan, but today, with the deployment just days away, I got round to finally packing all the kit I have been given.

And you might remember THIS picture…

Deployment Kit picked up from Stores

When I picked up my deployment kit from stores.

Or even THIS picture…

Sorting kit in my spare room

When I was sorting it out in my spare room.

And now today I have packed it into the three bags (including daysack) that I am allowed to take out to theatre.  When I signed for the kit, I thought, ‘My God! How much kit is there…how will I ever get it out to Afghan?’

But then I came to packing it. And I have space. I have packed all that kit and I have spare space!

I have packed:

Two Combat shirts
Three pairs Combat trousers
Two pairs MTP shorts
Four Under Body Armour Combat Shirts
Five Tee Shirts
1 Pair ‘bombproof’ boxers
8 Pairs Anti-microbial boxers
10 pairs of socks
1 pair Combat boots
3 Pairs sports shorts
3 Pairs sports socks
3 Sports Tops
Forest shirt and shorts (PJs!)
Troop Aid Teddy Bear.
2 Towels
Mosquito net to cover bed and head net.
Mine Extraction Kit
Assorted bungies and utility straps
Combat Body Armour pouches (xLOTS!)
Belt kit with various pouches
6×30 R0und Rifle Magazines, Rifle cleaning kit (x2), Rifle sling, Gloves (x2 pair)
Knee Pads, Ballistic glasses, Anti-dust goggles, ear defenders box.
Pair of trainers
“Family” Tee shirt (Don’t ask!)
Notebooks (x2)
Commanders pouch with Aide Memoir (x3 different sizes)
Nyrex folder (Notes and handouts for actual job!)
Kindle e-book reader
Netbook and 1TB External Hard Drive
‘Geek gear’ pouch x2 – Containing: Camera, Pebble charger, MP3 recorder, Power Monkey, Various cables & charger adapters, AM/FM/SW Portable radio.
Mk7a Helmet
Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Bag liner, Goretex Bivvie bag, pack pillow, Goretex ‘Basha’
Snugpak Sleeka Jacket
iPod Touch and earphones
Washkit bag – including Shave-kit, Toothbrush & paste, Ibuprofen/Voltarol gel, Various painkiller tablets, BloodPressure/Vitamins/Supplements/Malaria Tablets (to last 2 months), Lipbalm.
Camelback Hydration system (with cleaning kit)
Water Bottle
Flight and Steel (spark lighting system)
Leatherman & Gerber multitools, Gerber knife, Compass.
2x Petzl headtorches and Silva hand torch.
MTP Floppy hat and Cap.
Alcohol Gel, Solar shower, Hand Washing Liquid, Travel washing line and para-cord.
Pens (to give out)
Thermarest (inflatable mattress)
2x Sweat rags; 2x Shemaghs
2x Notepads
Helmet Cam
Reflective belt
1 RAF Ensign

I am sure I have forgotten something…but my Girlfriend is on standby to send it out, and I have packed another bag with kit that I might need, or will need resupplying – tablets, medicines, shaving kit, toothpaste, etc…

And that’s it. Not a LOT of stuff for six months…but I guess it’s all I really need. Next stop will be Camp Bastion for a few days orientation in theatre and specific training, and then it’s onward to the Patrol Base somewhere out near the Green Zone, where I will be spending most of my time.

I am now officially, ready to go. I am now savouring every moment with my family, but I am ready to go…I want to get out there now, get into it, and get it done. Get the job done, test myself out there doing what looks to be an amazing job in very, very testing conditions, and finally…come home to everyone in six months.


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28 thoughts on “Packing, Packing, Packed…

  1. jane owen on said:

    The best of luck….I really can’t imagine what it’s like, therefore admire your dedication and professionalism.
    I teach, and am planning to try and show some of your filming to my pupils as part of PHSEE.

  2. Great post. Best of luck out there. Stay safe.

  3. Matt Morris on said:

    Blimey – that’s some packing Job.

    Admire your courage and professionalism!

    Stay safe and I hope you all come safe!!

  4. Goodness only knows how you managed to fit ALL THAT in! I am impressed.
    Good luck out there. Stay safe.x

  5. Ha managed to set up a blog x haven’t a clue how to use it x only just getting to grips with my twitter account x perhaps if your girlfriend has twitter she could keep us updated on how you are getting on x

  6. Darren Belcher on said:

    Not much for six months mate, my misses takes more than that for a weekend away. You guys do an amazing job in conditions I can’t even begin to imagine.

    Love your blog.

    Best of luck and let’s hope Forest are a premier league team by the time you return.

    Stay safe.

  7. Carole Lane on said:

    What would you guys do without us women? 😉
    My better half was tickled you remembered the Forest pj’s, he being a supporter as well as ex RAF himself.
    We both wish you a safe journey there and back.

  8. Looking forward to reading your blog!
    Have a safe journey and take care!
    Boomshanka x

  9. Rebecca Weir on said:

    Best of luck out there, i hope all of that will fit in your car! Stay safe, looking forward to any updates you can get to us! 🙂

  10. Best of luck out there! Looking forward to reading updates.

  11. Dominique on said:

    Making a good job out there and come home savely. Take care in Taliban-Land. Looking forward to hear news about you!!!

  12. Big Bro on said:

    Glad to see that the ‘Family T-shirt’ has been safely packed – we need to see photographic evidence ‘in theatre’!!! I hope there is just a little something tucked into the bottom of your webbing somewhere!

    I really don’t know what to write that doesn’t sound too maudlin or trite. I know you will do your duty (but please keep yourself safe) and enjoy the experience. The family are proud of you, roll on Sep/Oct. Just remember the song ‘Billy, Don’t be a Hero’.

  13. Have a safe journey out there. Seems strange to have watched the run up from this side. You’ve given me insight into just what my ex was going through and it explains a lot. For that I thank you!! I spoke to him before about it and he just laughed at me and said “I didn’t want to burden you with it all” – bloody idiot!! Much love to you and your GF. Feel free to send her over to RP if she needs any support. Stay safe for me. x

  14. ex Met in NZ on said:

    Good luck “over there”.

  15. Good Luck .. safe journey there and back… I know what it is like , my son is serving airman .. RAF.. ex husband and hubby both were serving.

  16. take care my friend

  17. Kerry Maria Lawson on said:

    luv/Protection 2u all. Dont 4get ur books of inspirations. U cld sneek out twice as much if u use space-age packing system XX

  18. Greg1756 on said:

    What about your beret? 😛

    Best of luck to you! I’m sure we’ll all see you in 6 months

  19. Best of luck,stay safe and keep your head down,everyone is so proud of our lads out there.My friend is there at the moment he is in the Paras,they have lost quite a few men.I send him parcels every week but dont know if I send the right things.I hope it’s not too long till you’re all brought home.

  20. Nice to see your taking your Forest Shirt with you, stay safe and You Reds!!

  21. Patricia Patterson on said:

    Best of luck.

  22. Patricia Patterson on said:

    Best of luck, stay safe.

  23. Brian Brain on said:

    I will be hoping that you return from Afghanistan safe and sound and that you and your squadren don’t lose anyody. I personally feel that David Cameron and Barak Oama should go to Afghanistan for a full tour but that will never happen

  24. keep those updates coming. We’re looking forward to hearing how it feels, landing back in Britain after a six month deployment.

  25. Clare on said:

    Good luck & take care. Look forward to reading your blog whilst you are out there & when you are safe home with your family again.

  26. All the very best and a safe trip there and back.

  27. Gill Burgess on said:

    Hi Alex,
    Sorry I wasn’t able to see you last week, I got your note! I was locked in with the Boss for 2 days solid doing the Force Screening prep!

    Anyway, enjoy your last few days at home and no doubt you are now looking forward to your deployment that has been long awaited for with all of your training. I hope that you have a good and safe tour, but enjoy the experience too. No doubt you can keep us all updated when you can with your tweets!

    Take care and see you back safely at the end of the year. Please get in touch with us if you need anything.

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