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I started this by trying to write something deep and profound about this time of year. I junked it.

I next tried to re-write a peom by Rudyard Kipling (my favourite one, Tommy – you know the one… ‘An’ it’s Tommy this, and Tommy that, and Tommy ‘ow’s your soul?’) but I am no poet.

I wanted to try to be clever, I wanted to try to be deep and thoughtful to make a post for this time of year…for Remembrance Day.

But I can’t.

It all sounds to trite. It’s too pretentious. So bollocks to it. It all cuts down to just one thing.

As long as humans are human we will fight and we will have wars. And people die in them. Too many have died. They will, sadly, continue to die. So for each one, no matter what nationality, what religion, colour, race, sex…service or civilian who have died in war I want to say just one thing, but particularly to the two lads I served with and who didn’t come home – to JJ and Dooner…

‘I will remember them.’

Who will you remember?


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16 thoughts on “Remembering…

  1. RIP FS Mark McLaren

  2. It’s that time of year when I have tears in my eyes. I remember the ones that I served with who didn’t finish their time….none killed in action but they still died while serving. So Clyde S, Paul D, Dave W, Taff, Vic you are remembered.

  3. I remember those who survived the two world wars but have since died. My grandfather in WW1, in WW2 my father, in the 8th Army, my father in law, in the RAF and a prisoner of war after being shot down over Holland, and my mother in law who nursed him there and was in the Dutch resistance. War shaped who they were. And a nod to my mum, still going at 94, left on her own for 4 yrs just after marrying my dad in Sept 39. My generation and those that come after owe them all more than they will ever know.

  4. I’ll remember Private John Smith 7 UDR, shot in cold blood as he walked to work in Belfast.

  5. Stephen Webber on said:

    what you’ve said is perfect, Alex, no need for any more.

  6. Christine Davidson on said:

    My Great Uncle George, who went down on HMS Dunedin in WWII and my lovely cousin Gareth, an RAF man

  7. 200448 Pte William Thomas Mousley, 1st/4th Bn Northamptonshire Regiment, 7 October 1918 buried in Baghdad CWG Cemetery, Iraq. Great Great Uncle.

    42438 Pte Thomas Ford, 1st Bn North Staffordshire Regiment, 28 Sep 1918, buried in Aix-Noulette Communal CWG Cemetery, Northern France. N relation but inextricably linked to our family

    FS Gibson RAF

    ‘They shall grow not old……..’

    Big Bro

  8. Gondtengwen on said:

    I still recall something said on the BBC a few years ago as the veterans marched past the Cenotaph, that the parade would last a couple of hours more but if the fallen were marching (in ghostly array) then it would take another day or so …

  9. I am remembering two great uncles both killed within days of each other on the Somme in 1916. Both remembered on the Thiepval memorial where I have been to pay respects. I did not even know of their existence until a few years ago when doing some family history research. I don’t just think of them on Rememberance Sunday but all year. Also thinking of my son (3 tours of Afghan in Marines) and his pals, some of whom suffered appalling injury or death. Thinking of my dad, RAF Bomber Command, WW2. Thinking of our neighbour when I was a kid. He did 30+ missions as flight engineer on Lancasters. I have his watch that he took on every trip. Thinking of so many people. It’s not much to offer those who gave and continue giving so much is it.

  10. Steve Cockayne on said:

    Good words mate. I think this also says it all. http://audioboo.fm/boos/1052207-for-remembrance-day Cheers and kindest Regards, Steve

  11. chainsawgirl1 on said:

    I will be remembering ALL our servicemen who died in ALL the wars that have taken place and that are still taking place. My boyfriend will be remembering Guy Penrose Gibson, who is a relation of his, and all those who took part in the Dambuster raid.

  12. Simon Martindale on said:

    Remembering my mates son Tom. Bobby Horton. Danny’s mates. And the thousands, to whom we are in eternal debt. Thank you

  13. Cpl Maheshkumar (Mick) Islania and his daughter Nivruti Mahesh Islania.

    Musician Richard Fice.

    We will remember them.

  14. Brilliant post, captures just what today should be. I remember Pte Leon Spicer 26, died 16th July 2005 alongside Second Lieutenant Richard Shearer, 26 and Private Phillip Hewett, 21. Thank you.

  15. Pat Ready on said:

    Thinking of my great uncle William Anthony Garrad died 16/8/1918 thank you CWC for his headstone at Maricourt,France

  16. Great blog as always 🙂

    Remembering my great uncle, Alfred J Ditch, Bombardier, 1RHA, killed 27.05.40 defending the retreat to Dunkirk.

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